Fossil Creek Energy Corporation was co-founded in 1978 by its president, Peter Massion. Fossil Creek was formed for the purpose of developing oil and gas prospects generated by its geological staff. We currently operate 39 wells in the states of Oklahoma and Texas and have interests in approximately 220 wells operated by other companies, with the majority of the prospects for those producing properties being generated by our company. 

We have performed all facets of lease acquisitions, title work, drilling, development and production operations for more than three decades for more than 250 wells with an excellent percentage of productive success.

An established investor base composed of individuals and partner companies have reinvested with us for decades. Our investors enjoy the confidence of being treated with honesty and integrity. We respectfully appreciate those continuing relationships as they have also developed into friendships. 

Our beautiful country and all of the lands and people that it is made of are very important to us, and we will always strive to treat both with the utmost respect.  Our success has been, and will continue to be, built on valuing relationships and people during the process of providing for your energy needs.


Peter Massion, Geologist and Founder, is a graduate of the University of Illinois with B.S. and M.S. degrees in Geology. He originated numerous prospects as a geophysicist and geologist with Gulf Oil Corporation and Texas Oil and Gas Corporation. Peter has discovered several shallow oil and gas fields in the NW Anadarko basin of Oklahoma. Peter is conservative in his evaluation of oil and gas reserve projections, establishing a high percentage of economically productive wells. The established repeat investors are confident that Peter will present all drilling prospects with realistic projections and make his investors aware of any potential risks or complications. His honest and knowledgeable opinions have provided him with extensive experience in reviewing outside generated prospects and he has been called upon by many oil and gas specialists to evaluate their prospect potential. You can find comfort working with Peter in that a hand shake binds his word. You will be treated with honesty and fairness in any type of relationship with Peter and or our company.

Brady Meyer, Director of Field Operations, has a multi-generational farming background in the Oklahoma Panhandle and attended Oklahoma State University. He has extensive field experience and knowledge in lease acquisition, drilling and completion procedures and all aspects of the production  oil and gas wells. Ownership in an oil and gas testing service company has allowed him the opportunity of applicable knowledge as he keeps abreast of the newest drilling and completion technologies. Brady is a surface owner and mineral owner, allowing him the ability to have a good understanding and consideration of the concerns of others while acquiring oil and gas leases. 

Kyle Schulz, Project Manager, is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and has a degree in electrical engineering and an MBA. His diverse experience in coordinating projects and his technological expertise facilitates serving your needs efficiently. Kyle has had generations of family members involved in oil and gas in varying capacities- as lessors, lessees, investors, well site service companies, and oil and gas operators. We are confident, as you too may be, that Kyle will meet you and your needs with courtesy, efficiency and consideration.